Quality facilitation delivering real outcomes

High quality team challenges at your school

We come to your school to provide a series of fun and engaging team challenges facilitated by outdoor professionals to bring real outcomes.

Leadership & followership theme

We use this theme to help pupils really understand the elements of leadership as well as being a integral member of a team

The challenges

We use simple equipment to run 3 to 7 challenges that pupils work together as a team to complete. Your facilitator will adapt each challenge to get the best experience for the group.

Real Outcomes

Pupil Workbooks

Each pupil gets their own workbook to use through out the session to help their thought process and provide something they can take away.


We don’t plan all the details of each challenge. We act on what we see. These are the sorts of takeaways past pupils have come to:

  • “Planning a task is really important but only of everyone understand the plan”
  • We’re more effective if people make an effort to listen but also get people attention before speaking”

How & why you can use us

Types of days

Why book a day

Sample Day

– 40 pupils from 9:00 to 12:00 

– 40 pupils from 12:30 to 15:30

– £13 per pupil

NB Travel fee may be added to some quotes

– Minimum of 10 pupils but quotes decrease considerably with more pupils

 – Suitable from Year 6 to 12

– We tailor each program to your objectives

Let's chat

Bespoke quotes

We put together bespoke packages for schools so please fill out the form all we’ll get right back to you 


We appreciate times are a little uncertain and we are very happy to have an initial feasibility discussion and be very flexible with diary and financials

A favour

If you know of a school or teacher that might be interested please do share this page in a couple of clicks. It really helps us get the word out 

Arrange a Conversation

Background - September 2020

With our trips in the Alps on pause for this year we are busy ‘pivoting’ to provide on-site adventure education for schools. It’s a project we’ve had in the pipeline for a while for something to offer our schools before they come to the Alps. We now find ourselves in a situation where on-site adventure activities may well be a ‘low contact’ & easy way for young people to get the thrill of adventure they so badly need. We are researching how we might share resources with schools who have large grounds with those who don’t locally so we can reach as many young people as possible. 

Please drop me a line on if you are interested in this project.