School Expeditions to the Alps

More expedition for your money

School Expeditions made easy

Types of Expeditions

We can organise and plan your whole school’s expedition

  • Multi Activity adventure weeks
  • Hiking Expeditions
  • Key development themes
  • Group accommodation, camping or mountain huts

Why choose the Alps for your School Expedition

Why Alpine Expeditions?

The Alps are on our door step. Why go around the world?

  • Less than a day of travel time
  • Minimal travel in country
  • The Alps are simply stunning in Summer
  • More 'expedition' for your money
  • More inclusive & accessible expeditions

Eurostar direct from St Pancras or Kent to Lyon

Low Carbon Expedition

The Eurostar is the most environmentally friendly way of travelling to the Alps.

  • 92% less carbon emissions than flying ​
  • Sit around tables - play cards, enjoy views
  • 2 bags each (not that you'll need them)
  • Enjoy the spacious environment and café