A few thoughts from Montagne Verte’s AGM

We had a great evening at Montagne Verte AGM last night. For those of you who don’t know, they are a local non-profit environmental organisation here in Morzine. I stumbled across their first meeting in 2019 when first started running trips to Morzine.

Here are some of their projects and a few thoughts from us:

PROJECT– Their Alpine Express initiative aims to make train travel to the alps the go-to method for UK tourists by 2023.

THOUGHT – Chooo Chooo. Massive fan of this. It helped put our efforts trying to get schools to get the train here in time perspective. We in a lucky position where train train travel is often the best option for groups but it’s a bit harder for smaller groups.

PROJECT – Collecting food waste from local restaurants and making bio gass from it. Cool to see the new ebike & etrailer the are using for this.

THOUGHT – We try to minimise food waste on trips but I think we can do better at this.

PROJECT – Rallying all local majors of the valley to do a trip to Zermat to see how they have become a car free resort.

THOUGHT – A really great win for relationship building. Too many short journey happen in Morzine. We’ve often pondered if we could completely normalising local hitching around the valley. Establish pick up points, stickers in windows for registered members etc.

PROJECT – They run the AWESOME second hand shop in Morzine which is just so good.

THOUGHT – Great to see it making money. Just such a big fan of second hand. Get your ski gear here people!

PROJECT – Exciting future project on the horizon for increasing cycle paths in the valley.

THOUGHT – We are a world renowned mountian bike resort. The Tour de France has come though here for the last 2 years but actual practical cycle-ability isn’t the best.

OTHER THOUGHT – Patients. The team at MV seem to get the balance between determination and patients just right.

ONE MORE THOUGHT – The biggest challenges are interpersonal / political / relationship building etc. I guess this is ‘obvious’ because we know how to massively reduce our carbon output – we just need to get it down and to it between the 8 billion of us.

Thanks MV

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