Our Team

Paddling in Alps

BeVenturesome Team for 2019

Mark Garland

Technical Advisor 

Mark lives part of the year in Chamonix, the mountaineering mecca of the Alps. The other part he runs Mountain Trainings, MIAS courses and Winter mountain skills in the UK. Cool, calm and considered. 

Don’t ask him about: Chamonix or his kayaking quals

Graham Milton

Graham Milton


Graham is a lover of water sports and can feel a little uncomfortable on dry land. It took him 20 years to remember that he always wanted to run and adventure company in the Alps! Lives between Alps and Dorset.

Don’t ask him about: Climbing 

Jack Campion

Jack Campion

Morzine Guru

If you think Graham can’t sit still, wait till you meet Jack. He did the 2018/19 winter in Morzine but is slightly more at home on liquid water (when he is not hash tagging)

Don’t ask him about: Nepal or allotments

Jonny Berry

Legend of Fun

Everyone needs a Berry around. Kids have said that waiting for the mini bus with Jonny was the best part about their trip! An avid skiier and outdoor instructor.

Don’t ask him about: Skiing, flat caps or grown up stuff