Media Package

Paddling in Alps

Media Packs

Capturing the epic experiences your pupils have with us is a high priority. Should you want it, we offer every school the following media package at no extra charge. If you have any specific ideas for how your school can use the media in social media or to help portray the school’s values then we’d love you chat to you about it. You can see an example pack we have done for Bedford School HERE


We make a video of your week. We’ll endeavour to get some footage with our very own drone as well! We’ll create a YouTube playlist of your videos


We take as many quality photos as we can during the week. We’ll sort the wheat from the chaff and upload them to Flickr in organised albums. All available to download as you wish.

Photo Booklet

We create a bespoke photo booklet and send enough copies to your school for 1 per pupil plus a few spares for reception rooms and staff rooms. This will also be available for download. You can quick video of them HERE

Video Night

On the last night you have with us we’ll put together a highlights reel to show all the pupils some of the best photos of the week. It will be the raw version version and a lot of fun.

Social Media Updates

Keeping your school’s social media feeds up-to-date with quality media is a great way to keep parents up to speed and promote your school values. We’ll share media with you during the week.


Here is a media pack we created for Bedford School