Aldo Kane Podcast: How adventure can help

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This Ospreys podcast from ex-marine and TV Adventure Aldo Kane really resinated with us and our AdventureAtHome campaign. Adventure really does have a value in helping people through tough times.

We found the following quotes particularly relevant (although its all interesting!):

“Adventure is safe & volunteered form of discomfort – It’s a great way for young people to practice getter out their comfort zone. Particularly true with well organised adventure activities for young people where the majority of risk is perceived.

“Outdoors can help build resilience to cope with everyday life – Check out our ‘backyard video’ on How Adventure can Build Resilience. It was really refreshing to here someone with Aldo’s experience to say this.

“Cheerfulness in the face of adversity” – This is a marine phrase highlighting value of humour in getting through tough times. I’d not heard it before but it gave a great perspective on our ‘Type 1 & Type 2 Fun‘ initiative. We ultise the concepts of ‘Types of Fun’ to help pupils understand why they are doing something that they might not enjoy right away and that the value would come later. However, we perhaps under considered the immediate value to humour in getting through the task in hand. This has inspired us to develop this theme further.

You might find our podcast on Why AdventureAtHome of interest which touches on some of these themes.

Aldo Kane Podcast Blurb

Former Royal Marines Commando and extreme TV adventurer, Aldo Kane, talks to us about his experiences of working and filming in extreme conditions including during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. When faced with challenging conditions how does he cope both physically and mentally? We also explore Aldo’s period in complete isolation and sensory deprivation during filming for BBC Horizon series. Isolation can have an extreme impact on our bodies and circadian rhythms, Aldo tells us the effects the period had on him, how he coped and why regular structured days, exercise, fresh air and human interactions are so important to us all. Plus, following on from Aldo’s recent BBC Natural World documentary, “Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers”, he gives us an insight into the perilous journey he made to expose the shocking secrets of the illegal tiger trade in south east Asia and the impact this is having.

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