Contract work: Content Marketing, Ops & Customer Service

BeVenturesome is looking for someone (or people) to help with:

  1. Content Marketing (March to July with option to be ongoing / seasonal)
  2. Operations & Customer Service (June & July)

Ideally this would be the same person as our customers, their experience and how we communicate with them are basically the same thing.

If you were interested, there would be scope to accompany groups going rafting, trekking, team building etc a few days a week in June & July. HERE is last years job ad for that.

What do we do? We bring UK school groups to Morzine for a week of epic adventure. Here are the experiences you’ll be helping kids have:

These are our challenges that what we need help with our communication on:

  • How do we maximize the benefits of adventure & the natural world for young people?
  • How do we minimise the impact on the environment?
  • How do we show people that Morzine is the adventure capital of Europe?

We need someone to help us formulate a quality content marketing strategy and deliver it consistently.

Days: 1 to 3 days a week and up to 5 days in June & July. It would be an Auto Entrepreneur contract. 

Location: Ideally you’d be Morzine based. This could be a UK- based remote roll with opportunities to come out to Morzine in June & July. If you’re Morzine based most the work would be face to face with options to WFH every now and again.

Rates: From 15 to 22 euros an hour depending on relevant experience. We would consider higher rates for specific & relevant skill sets for a shorter contract. For example, if you’re a content marketing whizz and you would like a week or 2 work to help us formulate a strategy we would consider it.

  1. Content Marketing

Sales Support

  • Creating Proposals – digital & print
  • Proposal & Proposition development

Content Creation

Examples of blogs, articles, guides, ebooks, videos, webpages, pupil booklets we want to create:

  • Why is Morzine the adventure capital of Europe? 
  • Why should we teach Followership in schools?
  • A parent / teacher guide to education by adventure.
  • Does AI help or hinder outdoor learning?
  • How is BeVenturesome doing?
  • How is climate change impacting Morzine & the Alps?
  • A Geography teachers guide to Morzine.
  • A pocket French phrasebook to having adventures in Morzine.
  • A pupils guide to understanding the environmental impact of your trip.
  • Why take the train to the Alps?

What’s the most economical & impactful way to deliver this?

We’re a fan of content that makes our team, teachers and of course our pupils more engaged & informed. We’re less interested in entertaining algorithms.


  • Keyword selection & tracking
  • Website optimisation

Website management

Tasks such as webpage maintenance, image optimisation, navigation, page & copy consistency, usability etc

Other projects

  • Partnerships with our schools for content creation
  • Creating an Adventure Education Handbook
  • Capturing content for our groups during the season
  • Helping with our Teacher Weekend / Holiday
  • Helping create, sell and manage our new Summer Kids Adventure Clubs
  1. Operations & Customer Service

This would be in June & early July with morning & afternoon shifts

Broadly it would be liaising with teachers, other BV staff and our partners to make sure up to 120 kids a day have wonderful adventures! 

This includes tasks such as, liaising with kitchen staff, liaising with teachers about the plans for the day, assisting any of our team in making sure they have what they need for the day. Liaising with suppliers for any itinerary changes, making sure buses are on time, kit is in the right place, changing activity times, finding & capturing stories to tell & observing activities etc Desk-based marketing related tasks can fit in around these.




To apply please email with a short paragraph with why you’ll be a good fit. Any links to previous works would be great.

 Please make contact by March 11th as we want to fill this next week.


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