Is adventure provision preparing kids for life?

Here is a 2 part series podcast with Simon Beames on the Meaningful Sport podcast. Admittedly it’s been 3 weeks since I listened to it – how much has changed since then! It is a good and frank conversation about the value (or not!) of adventure education.

My main takeaway from the conversation was the following:

School adventure provision is becoming more and more compartmentalised (rinse and repeat if you like) mainly due to commercial pressures and business models. Life, however, is going in the opposite direction with people needing to reinvent themselves more and more.

This little gem of an insight has come at about the right time and is going straight into the creative melting pot as we use the current downtime to plot and plan for the future. Being quite a young business, we have not started to (significantly) scale our provision (certainly not in 2020 at least!) and we are spending lots of time developing new experiences for when things open up. My mind wondered during this podcast about giving kids much more agency to plan their week and activities but also ‘setting them free’ in the wilds as much as we can. Hopefully the commercial realities and risk assessments will make this viable – where there is a will there is a way.


Episode 1

Episode 2

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