Leadership is nothing without Followership

Are you an Educational Leader?

We are conducting some research into the teaching of Leadership and Followership skills in schools. For now we are focusing on pupils rather than staff.

“The capacity or willingness to follow a leader”

Our definition of Followership

Our premise is that in a modern world, Leadership can’t be effective without quality Followership and young people are not given much help with either before they enter the workplace

  • When should I lead and when should I follow?
  • Am I making the best contribution I can to this team?

We want to hear insights and opinions from educational leaders so we can develop better adventure experiences that help prepare young people for the future.

Graham will be talking about Leadership & Followership and the outdoors at the BSA Deputy Heads Conference in January 2020. Your input would be really appreciated and you can receive the results of the survey if you desire.

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