Four Easy Knots to Try at Home

You can use the following knots whilst out on a climbing adventure. The videos below will teach you how to attach rope to your climbing harness and to other objects to keep you safe when out adventuring.

All you need is:

  • 1.5 metres of rope or cord to tie knots in
  • Your hands!

1. Bowline

The first knot we are going to look at is the Bowline, this is a useful knot which can go around an object or tied into a harness. The benefit of using a bowline is that it is easy to untie after being subjected to a load. Once learnt, this knot is quick and easy to tie.

How to tie a Bowline

2. Clove Hitch

The difference between a hitch and a knot is that a hitch is used to attach a piece of rope to an object. Whilst a knot is used to join two bits or rope together or to itself. 

The Clove Hitch is most commonly used to attach rope onto a object like a pole, stake or a carabiner.

How to tie a Clove Hitch

3. Re-threaded Figure of 8

This next knot is one of the most common knots used in rock climbing. The Re-threaded Figure of 8 is usually used to attached the rope to your harness. It can also be used to go around an object to.

The reason the Re-threaded Figure of 8 is so commonly used is because once tied correctly it can’t accidentally come undone. However its only downfall is that after load it can tighten and be tricky to untie.

How to tie a Re-threaded Figure of 8

4. Stopper Knot

The final knot is a Thumb knot or Stopper knot. On its own a thumb knot doesn’t have many uses however when used as a stopper knot it is very useful.

The Bowline we showed you earlier is a great knot but it has a weakness. It can become loose and invert which will then lead to it untying. So by combining the Bowline and a snuggly fit Stopper knot you can create a safe and secure knot.

How to tie a Stopper Knot

We hope you enjoyed these videos and are now all masters of tying knots. If you fancy an extra challenge, try tying the knots behind your back or with your eyes closed, legend has it Mark can tie the Bowline whilst doing a headstand!

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