Learning outside the office

Leaning Outside the Office

Schools are specialist learning organisations for young people.

Despite pressure for exam results, schools (generally) find the time for ‘learning outside of the classroom’ initiatives – Forest Schools, outdoor pursuits, sports, school trips etc.

They inherently understand it aids learning and development.

So why is it forgotten about when we get to the workplace?

Are companies not thought of as learning organisations?

Do companies simply not know how to use the outdoors to their advantage?

I don’t believe we grow out of the benefits derived from adventure and the outdoors.

At BeVenturesome we use our trips to develop Future Proof Skills in young people. These are skills that will benefit them when they are working in the jobs that don’t exist yet.

We aim to not only help them learn from their experiences directly but to appreciate that their connection with outdoors and adventure is something that will help them through-out their lives. 

Learning outside the classroom is amazing. It works. Let’s make sure young people don’t forget it when they enter the workplace.

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