Episode 1: Map Reading Skills

Map Reading Skills – the one-stop-shop for maps skills. From how to unfold it, to understanding contours.

We have created a 5-episode series to help young people plan an expedition from home which includes map skills, plant identification and a helpful guide to planning your own expedition.

Map reading skills are a big part of adventures. So with the UK government starting the loosen its rules on the Lockdown it is a perfect time to start putting those adventures we’ve all been planning to action.

Ordnance Survey has some great resources on their website. That will help you stay safe and navigating well whilst out and about.

Follow this link to find their document on Map Reading.

It is suitable for beginner map readers all the way up to Advanced mountaineers!

The document takes you through all you will need to know from what a map is…

Map Reading Skills
What is a Map?

To using a compass…

Using a Compass
How to use a Compass

And even how to navigate at night or in poor visibility…

Navigating at night or in bad weather

Check out Episode 2 here on ‘How to take a bearing’

The video breaks down how to take a bearing and navigate with a compass whilst you’re out exploring.

Now its time to get outside and put your map skills to the test!

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