Adventure Holiday Clubs

Adventure Holiday Clubs for your school made really easy.


Want to offer your pupils something in the holidays? We can run a programme on your behalf on our own or complementing  your provision. Are you making the most of your school grounds and local countryside?


The types of things we can do


Day 1 – Team Building
Day 2 – Navigation & Hiking
Day 3 – Forest Roaming (ask about this!)
Day 4 – Adventure Skills
Day 5 – Plan your own day

We would meet the group at your school or local countryside daily. E.G. Surrey Hills or New Forest. Programmes are normally a week long but can be a few days

Sample Price: 5 days is £22 per pupil per day for 30 pupils with 3 of our instructors.


Make the most out of your Adventure Holiday Clubs


Talk to us about blending our provision into what you already do and what you want to achieve.


If you can provide transport we can meet you in your local countryside for lots of exploring.


We don’t deal directly with parents and individual bookings.