New research shows outdoor adventure residentials build resilience & well-being

Here are some of our key takeaways from the article: Building resilience and well-being for post-covid adolescents through outdoor adventure 


Resilience Enhancement: Participation in outdoor adventure programs leads to significant improvements in participants’ resilience, as evidenced by the increase in resilience scores from pre- to post-program and sustained resilience levels over time.

Thought: Well, that’s good to hear again. We like to chat to pupils about Type 2 fun to help them build resilience.


Reflective Engagement: Providing opportunities for reflection, allows participants to process their experiences, consolidate their learning, and derive deeper insights into themselves and their capabilities. 

Thought: We’re delighted to see the science back our Adventure Notebooks which each pupil gets on our trips.


Positive Well-being Impact: Engaging in challenging outdoor activities positively impacts participants’ overall well-being, with significant improvements observed from pre- to post-program and maintained levels of well-being over time.

Thought:  We like to combine our adventure activities with an appreciation for the natural world they take place in.


Long-term Effects: The benefits of outdoor adventure experiences endure beyond the program duration, with participants reporting continued enhancements in resilience and well-being even one month after the program.

Thought: Being maintained over time is wonderful to read. We would like to be mire involved in the longer terms impacts. Note a month still is not that long in the great scheme of things suggesting your adventure residential should be incorporated into a wider long term strategy.


Confidence Boost: Adventure activities foster confidence in participants, enabling them to feel more capable of coping with life’s challenges and more confident in various aspects of their lives, including education, job prospects, and social interactions.

Thought: Nice. I think we can make more of this.


Positive Memories and Perception: Participants retain enduring memories of their outdoor experiences and associate them with increased confidence, resilience, and positive attitudes towards personal growth and diversity. 

Thought: We share media of the trips with schools as much as possible which we hope aids their positive memories. Example here


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