Episode 5: Plan an expedition from your house

In this final part, we bring all your new skills together to plan your own expedition

Here we bring everything you have learnt over the past 4 episodes together to create your very own adventure. Now it is time to get outside and start exploring your local area!

The 4-minute video shows you what you’ll need to know to plan an expedition from your house.

There are a few items you need to plan your own expedition:

  • A map
  • A permanent marker
  • A length of string
  • An aim for your expedition

Here is a great link to find OS maps cheap!

We suggest getting the laminated active maps as it means if it rains or you write on the map with the permanent marker you can clean it off and the map won’t be ruined.

If this is the first episode you have come across, find episode 1 here.

If you’re interested in map reading and all things adventure, you should check out our Gold DofE Residentials or School Expeditions in the French Alps.

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