The Power of Adventure Podcast | Surviving the Jungle

We throughly enjoyed this podcast by Megan Hine on the power of adventure.

Megan Hine is a Survival Consultant for shows such as Running Wild With Bear Grylls. In this Podcast, Megan is speaks with Pip Stewart who is an adventurer, journalist and presenter. 

They discuss Pips adventures including cycling from Malaysia to London, paddling the down the length of South Americas third largest river and surviving a deadly flesh-eating parasite.

We were inspired by the way Pip talks about her incredible adventures and share her amazing attitude towards adventuring and the effect on mental health, stress and knowing your limits.

Adventure and Mental Health

Pip talks about going on an adventure with the Marines and how great nature and adventures really helped them with their mental health.  

Interestingly, not sitting face to face with someone and instead, paddling a kayak or canoe meant they could open up on how they felt more naturally.

Nature made them feel relaxed and was powerful for their mental health. 

power of adventure

Stress Responses

Pip talks about her encounter with a Jaguar wandering into camp during one of her adventures. She discusses how the feeling was not dissimilar to that of a notification on your phone.

That panicked feeling, fight or flight? What’s on the other side of this message, is it good or bad?


Knowing Your Limits

They also discuss finding your comfort zones and how knowing your limits. If you feel inspired by something you’ve seen on social media or in real life, you just need to try it. Once you’re doing the activity little by little you can build your comfort zone and find your limits. If you never try something how will you find your limits?

comfort zones

We think this is a great podcast and it defiantly worth a listen.

It’s only 35 minutes long and we hope it inspires you to go out on some adventures like it has inspired us.

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