Woodland Trust – Nature at home

The Woodland Trust has created a great blog entitled ’10 nature activities for kids if you’re self-isolating at home’. Hopefully it will bring some nature back into life while our movements are limited.

Here are our top 3…

1. Make a loo roll bird feeder

Nature at Home
Loo Roll Feeder

This is a great activity to help your kids learn more about the birds that live in your local area. Also, we all have a few spare loo rolls hanging around at the moment!

2. Go on a Mini Beast hunt

two lady birds on a leaf
Mini Beast hunt

There are loads of cool and interesting creepy crawlies in our back gardens. Make sure you place back any logs or stones when you’ve finished hunting as you don’t want to disturb their houses too much.

3. Having a picnic in the garden

Family Picnic
Family Picnic

This is probably the simplest but easiest one to do. With the sun shining and with us spending more time indoors, there’s no better way to get some fresh air than taking your lunch outside. This will feel like a little adventure to the kids and if you’re working from home a much needed screen break.

Getting out in nature is a great way to help relieve stress during this difficult time, and might inspire you to plan your next adventure.

If you need some inspiration, we have written a blog on how to plan your dream adventure for after lockdown which you can find here.

Also find our blogs on other featured organisations here. Such as Woodland Sightseeing with Wildway Bushcraft.

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