10 Educational Adventures for your Pupils in Dorset

Adventures for your pupils right here in Dorset. We have loads of places that you can go and explore. From the coastline to the countryside, we have it all. Below we show you some of our favourite places to go on adventures in Dorset. We suggest you read the .Gov article before venturing out Coronavirus – guidance on accessing green spaces safely

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1. Dancing ledge

Adventures in Dorset

The Jurassic coast is a great part of Dorset to visit for anyone interested in History, Geography and Geology!

If you are interested in seeing fossils first hand Dancing Ledge is the spot for you! It is filled with history dating all the way back to the Jurassic Period.

Dancing Ledge is situated on the Jurassic Coast just outside Swanage. Swanage is in the heart of the Purbecks, an amazing part of Dorset and where many of our adventures take place.

Dancing ledge is an old quarry which is owned by the National Trust. Lots of activities take place here from Rock Climbing and Coasteering, to snorkelling and swimming. It is easy to access and an amazing place to go and explore.

2. Tyneham Village and Worbarrow Bay

Tyneham Village

Take a step back in time when visiting Tyneham Village. If you’re interested in History and WW2 and want to learn how much our country sacrificed, this is the place to go.

Tyneham village is Dorset’s very own lost village. In 1943, all residents were asked to leave, as the Military needed to use the land for training for the D Day landings in WW2. Residents sadly never returned to their abandoned village. As a result, the village is still part of the ranges today.

You are now able to go visit Tyneham Village and see where time stopped. When out exploring you should go and see the collapsed houses and explore the overgrown area.

Whilst there, you can make you way down to Worbarrow Bay which is an awesome place to go explore and head into the sea for a wild swim.

3. Badbury Rings

Badbury rings from above

Another adventure for your pupils who are interested in Ancient History or Archaeology/Palaeontology is Badbury Rings.

Badbury Rings is an ancient Iron age Hill Fort which can be dated back to around 500-600 BC. It has some amazing walks and is rich in flora and fauna. 

The drive up to Badbury Rings is a spectacular part of the adventure as you have to pass through a grand avenue of Beech Trees, which line the sides of the road.

4. Swrye Head 

View from Swyre Head
View from Swrye Head

With being one of the best viewpoints in Dorset, Swyre Head is a great place to visit if you want to discover your local area. With Amazing views in all directions its worth the hike to get up to.

Swrye Head is the highest part of the Purbecks. It sits right above Kimmeridge Bay and can be reached either from Kimmeridge Bay itself or from Kingston, which is a small village that looks over Corfe Castle.

Swyre Head offers some amazing views over the surrounding area and is one of the best places in Dorset to watch the sunset.

If you stay late enough on a clear night the stars are very obvious. It is a great spot for any budding Astronomers to go and visit due to there being very little light pollution.

5. Isle of Portland 

Portland is one of the most adventurous places in Dorset. Anyone who is interested in outdoor activities then Portland is a must visit.

The Isle of Portland is found at the southernmost point of Dorset. The area is known for is quarrying of Portland Stone which can be found all around the world including St Pauls Cathedral and the United Nations HQ in New York.

The main draw to Portland is it outdoors activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, sailing and kitesurfing due to its reliable wind. 

Portland Bill can be found at the southern tip of the Isle and is a distinctive red and white lighthouse. During high season you can climb up the lighthouse and see the spectacular views from the top.

6. Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay

Know for its fossils and being Dorsets No.1 surf spot, Kimmeridge is a beautiful place to explore.

If your students are interested in fossils then the Etchins Fossil Museum in Kimmeridge Village is a great place to start your adventure.

Kimmeridge is world-renowned for its geology as it comprises of Bedrock from the Jurassic era.

Kimmeridge bay hosts some of the best snorkelling in the UK and you can follow the snorkel trail around the ledges and see what life you can spot under the sea. 

7. Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks

An iconic part of the Jurassic Coast and Dorset. It can be seen from the beaches in Bournemouth and is great place to go explore. 

Old Harry’s Rocks is one of the UK’s top Geography trip locations. Showing first had the affect of erosion on our coastline.

Thousands of years ago the Needles on the Isle of Wight and Old Harry’s rocks were once connected via a line of chalk hills which eroded away during the last Ice age.

Walking from Studland, follow the coast path up to Old Harry to take in and explore the area.

8. Arne Nature Reserve 

Arne Nature Reserve

One of the best adventures for your pupils interested in nature is Arne Nature Reserve. It is one of the few places in the UK where you can find all six of the UK’s native reptiles. It is also home to a host of other animals to such as butterflies, dragonflies and moths. 

If animals aren’t your thing then Arne also is home to nearly 500 flowering plants and has some great walks to go explore the lowland heathland area.

9. Durdle Door

Durdle Door

Durdle Door is another iconic part of the Jurassic Coast. It is a natural Limestone arch caused by erosion from the powerful waves.

This is another place which we highly recommend for wild swimming as it holds some of the best water quality in the UK. Make sure to bring your snorkel as there is plenty of wildlife to be seen under the surface.

10. Shaftesbury and Blackmore Vale

Gold Hil in Shaftesbury

Any Students interested in Modern History and the countryside then visit Blackmore Vale, it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Blackmore Vale is known for its cows and its dairy farms in particular. Still a very rural and tranquil part of Dorset, it is a great place to explore on your bikes. Enjoy a seemingly endless journey of patchwork fields, lively hedgerows and plenty of cows. 

A must-visit spot is Shaftesbury know for its cobbled streets and ‘Gold Hill’ which famously featured in the popular 1970’s Hovis advert.

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