Four Adventure Films about Kids for kids

While our ability to go out and have adventures is very limited at the moment, there is nothing to stop us dreaming and enjoying some inspirational adventure films. The following films show some amazing skills and displays of resilience from young people.

At times, not all adventures are fun. Climbing a steep section of your ascent, being really cold in your sleeping bag or going a bit hungry. However, these areas are parts we look back on and think, actually, that wasn’t so bad and get lots of satisfactions after the event. Check out our video about the 2 Types of Fun and consider it as you watch the films.

1. 6 Year Old Mountain Bike Prodigy

The first film is about 6 year old Crosby Zimmerman from Tiger Mountain in Washington State, who is an incredible Mountain Biker. He shows us some amazing skills and what goes into being one of the best kids in mountain biking.

6 Year Old Mountain Bike Prodigy

If that has inspired you might like my video about how to ride a bike without moving which you might be able to do during lockdown!

2. 11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records

The next film is about 11 year old Brooke Raboutou who is a rock climbing phenom who’s breaking world records regularly in elite bouldering and sport climbs. 

This film is actually 7 years old but the amazing thing is that Brooke has now become the first US climber ever to qualify for the Olympics.

11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records

3. The 12-Year Old Record Breaking Mountain Climber

This film follows Tyler Armstrong, a 12 year old boy who wanted to climb Mount Everest but was denied a permit due to his age. So instead of giving up on his dream of climbing the Seven Summits,  the highest mountain on each continent, he prepares to climb Mount Denali in North America. 

Mount Denali is 6190 metres tall and is the 3rd most isolated peak on earth. Surely this will prove that he is able to conquer the world’s most extreme terrain?

The 12-Year Old Record Breaking Mountain Climber

4. 11 year freeskier Kai Jones flies like a bird

Kai Jones is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is one of the best youth freeskiers in the world. Throughout the winter he is busy tearing up the biggest and baddest terrain on the mountain and definitely giving his mum something to worry about.

11 year freeskier Kai Jones flies like a bird

So there you have it, four amazing young people taking on some incredible adventures. Not every adventure needs to be as big and extreme as these. It just needs to be fun and something that challenges you. Getting outside and exploring the world around us is some of the best ways to learn.

Get outside and have fun!

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