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Here are details of the 3 travel packages we offer. We can adapt each option to best suit your requirements. Please get in touch to request a quote for your trip.

Eurostar Direct to Lyon

Days: Monday to Saturday. 5 nights. 5 days

Travel: Direct to Lyon from St Pancras or Ashford, Kent

Transfer: Coach from Lyon to Morzine

Carbon emissions: 23kg per passenger

The following operates every Friday, Saturday and Monday:

Outbound: St Pancras: 07:19 -Ashford, Kent: 07:55 – Lyon: 13:00

Inbound: Lyon: 17:25 – Ashford, Kent: 21:15 – St Pancras: 22:12

We include a coach transfer from Lyon to Morzine which takes about 2h30m.

The prices are for a Monday to Saturday trip based on the Programme.

  • 21 to 30 pupils – £810 per pupil
  • 31 to 40 pupils – £786 per pupil
  • 41 or more pupils – £771 per pupil
  • Significantly less environmental costs

Includes: Eurostar, coach transfers to Morzine, activities, food & accommodation  and a free teacher place for every 10 pupils

Excluded: Transport to and from Ashford or St Pancras, travel insurance, spending money

Eurostar Cost

  • Prices include the current Eurostar price.
  • Please get in touch for a quote – the further in advance you book, the cheaper it is. 
  • Prices are lower for pupils under 12.
  • We can hold the prices as soon as you confirm you are interested in a particular journey.


    • On average, each passenger emits 23kg of carbon getting to Morzine compared to 294kg flying 


    • Only a 90 minute check-in time outbound and 30 minutes inbound.
    • Easy access to London St Pancras or Ashford International in Kent
    • 4 hours 41 minutes travel time from St Pancras to Lyon 


    • When you book early it’s very economical
    • Great for smaller groups when coach travel is uneconomical
    • Under 12s get discounted rates

    Travel Experience

    • Sit in groups of 4 around a table.
    • Chat, play cards, and watch the world go by
    • Plenty of toilets and an on board café
    • Bring up to 2 large suitcases (not that you’ll need it!)
    • No limits on liquids or foods

    Coach from Door to Door

    Days: Sunday to Friday. 5 nights. 5.5 days

    Travel: Coach from your school to Morzine

    Carbon emissions: 60kg per passenger

    The coach will pick you up from school and take you all the way to Morzine.

    We suggest the following:

    • Leave early morning on Sunday and arrive in your accommodation in time for dinner.
    • Returning over night on the Friday into Saturday after a full day of activity.
    • Total journey time is around 15 hours from London to Morzine

    We would advise travelling during the day on the way out to avoid getting too tired. We want you to start the week feeling energised!

    Travelling over night on the Sunday to Monday is also an option which saves costs.

    Coach quote by request. They become economical for groups of 40 or more

    • About 80% less carbon emissions compared to flying
    • Ideal for groups of more that 40
    • Prices are fixed
    • No transport to organise to or from airports or train station
    • Simple

    Fly to Geneva

    Days: Monday to Friday. 4 nights. 4.5 days

    Travel: Fly from Heathrow (or other) to Geneva

    Carbon emissions: 294kg per passenger

    British Airways Flight from Heathrow to Geneva

    • We can give you a quote for specific flights on request and can hold them for 4 weeks for you.
    • It is a 1h30m transfer from Geneva to Morzine which is included
    • For more information please read: Booking Flights with BeVenturesome
    • Outbound departure times on Mondays – 06:45, 08:20 or 09:20
    • Inbound departure times on Fridays – 17:30, 18:45 or 21:15

    We can not hold any prices with EasyJet

    For more information please read: Booking Flights with BeVenturesome

    AirportSunday OUTMonday OUTFriday RTN
    Luton06:25 or 18:1007:3010:50 or 21:30
    GatwickEvery few hours06:30 or 08:1016:50 or 19:10
    Bristol07:35 or 18:2510:40 or 21:40

    Price estimates:

    • For 21 to 40 pupils: £804 per pupil
    • For 41 plus pupils: £794 per pupil
    • Monday to Friday trips