Quality team building days at your school

We come to your school to provide a series of fun and engaging team challenges. These are facilitated by outdoor professionals to develop future proof skills. These can be warm ups for an Alps trip with us or stand alone bookings. Days have been designed in COVID Security as a priority.

The Adventure Education Workbook

Each pupil gets a Leadership & Followership workbook to keep. They write their thoughts, reflections and key takeaways to encourage long term application.

The challenges

We use simple equipment to run challenges that pupils work together to complete. Your facilitator will adapt each challenge to get the best experience for the group.



As we navigate each challenge we guide pupils through some of the principles of Leadership and introduce Followership. Followership is a great tool to help pupils understand the value of being an effective member of a team. It also aids appreciation of personality traits, leadership styles and prepares pupils for the workplace.

Key Principles

Plan Do Review

Our facilitator’s naturally make the sessions fun and engaging and tailor them to the group.

What pupils have said...

  • “Planning a task is really important but only if everyone understands the plan”
  • We’re more effective if people make an effort to listen but it’s also important to get people’s attention before speaking”
  • “I need to tell the group my ideas even if I am not leading at the time”


Types of days

Why book a day

Sample Day

– 40 pupils from 9:00 to 12:00 

– 40 pupils from 12:30 to 15:30

– £14 per pupil

Travel fee may be added to some quotes

– Minimum of 20 pupils. Quotes decrease considerably with more pupils

 – Suitable from Year 5 to 12

– We tailor each programme to your objectives


Request a quote...

COVID Secure

 We have a full COVID risk assessment and will work with you to ensure we follow internal procedures as well. MORE INFO


If you have any other ideas for how you might use us then we are all ears.

A favour

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